Freedom had been hunted round the globe; reason was considered as rebellion; and the slavery of fear had made men afraid to think. But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing.
~ Thomas Paine, Rights of Man, 1791 ~

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

10 Signs Your Religion May Be Harmful

No one knowingly joins a cult and no group has ever admitted to being one. The cult label is so despised that even groups that are widely regarded as cults will go out of their way to explain why they are not a cult. Thus it is not helpful to speak of "cults" at all. Every cult in existence can point to one or more features of other cults that they do not share, and their members undoubtedly do not think they are members of a cult.

So instead I want to list some common features of groups that are generally considered harmful and potentially unsafe. There are several such lists online and many of them offer some combination of the features listed below.

If you recognise similarities between the warning signs listed below and your own ecclesia or even the Christadelphian religion as a whole, then perhaps it is time to ask yourself some critical questions or seek a second opinion from a counsellor or third party outside the religion.